Lucas Bárcena is a young, dynamic artist who makes a fusion with a number of styles that he has been exposed to in a lifetime of music.

Lucas is an English/Spanish artist with a British mother and a Spanish Father.

Coming from a musical family where mother and father made a living from music, Lucas was exposed to a lifestyle on the road, rehearsals, studios and composition.

Also very exposed as a kid to folk and Celtic music because of his parents bands (Atlántica Folk) and also listening to British and American rock because of his father’s passion for The Beatles, Neil Young, The Eagles and many more.

It was more in adolescence when Lucas discovered his passion for Spanish rock and rumba on one side, and blues on the other.

Having played Piano since the age of 6, it was at the age of 17 when on a trip to Mallorca where he met Julio Flores, who inspired him to go home and learn how to play the style of Rumba with a flamenco air to it.

After certain personal experiences in the lifestyle that comes along with music, Lucas decided during his high school years that music would always be a part of his life but he wouldn't build his career on it. At heart, he has always been a businessman so he worked on and studied a degree in hotel and restaurant management.  

Sometimes you just can't escape fate, he formed his first band, Nordakas (which is still going and growing) at the age of 23 and at a time when he was managing an Irish pub in Heidelberg Germany. This pub was the perfect stage to start singing out his lyrics.

In October 2018 he formed the trio, Tribubu, an eclectic fusion of Afro-beat, Rumba, blues & Folk. Tribubu played in 9 countries in its first year as a band and are now recording their first studio album with his idol Juanito Makande. 

Over the course of the last past years, Lucas has never stopped writing, he will present his first album as a solo artist with a mix of styles and stories. 

His new Album "on my way" is a mix of all these styles that he has been cooking for the last years. You will find Blues, Soul and fingerpicked guitar with airs of Celtic music and a touch of Spanish influence.

This will be the first Album as a solo artist, the first of many.